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Immigration is perhaps the single largest domestic challenge facing both the United States and Mexico today. People die nearly every week attempting to cross the border. Hostilities against immigrants in the U.S. rise daily. Local, state, and international relations are increasingly strained.

For eight weeks this summer, seven students have been given the opportunity to travel to Tucson, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico to study the many faces of immigration. Following two weeks of meetings with local activists, a Border Patrol agent, a federal public defender, lawyers, members of the Tohono O’odham Nation, maquiladora owners, Grupos Beta employees, migrants, and local farmers, we will spend six weeks partnered with Southside Day Labor Camp, BorderLinks, or Humane Borders in order to further immerse ourselves in the issues of immigration.

This blog chronicles our experiences and our perspectives on what we learn while here in Arizona. We hope our stories are interesting and informative.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Obama Administration's Lawsuit Against SB1070

At work, I have been documenting the various resolutions to SB1070. To date, there are 28 entities that have passed resolutions in favor of the bill and 107 entities that have passed resolutions against the bill and/or boycotted AZ. Moreover, there are five lawsuits that have been filed against the bill. BAN is a plaintiff of on of the lawsuits. Just last week, all of the lawsuits were moved under one judge so that there will be one overall decision.

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton stated that the Department of Justice would be filing a lawsuit against SB1070 as well. There was much speculation as time passed and the federal government didn’t take action. Yesterday, the Obama administration finally filed a lawsuit against SB1070. The result of this lawsuit will determine whether or not other states will be able to pass laws similar to SB1070. Hopefully, this will end racist measures against immigration because copycat bills are already in the works in several states including Utah and Florida.

The lawsuit itself can be downloaded from here.

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